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Pharoah Moans

Pharaoh Moans Paso Robles Syrah 2006

PharaohMoans front label - Paso Robles Syrah

The 2006 Syrah is sourced from our Westside vineyard in Paso Robles and is 96% Syrah blended with a splash of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, which add a further degree of complexity to the wine, and was aged in Taransaud, Saury and Ermitage cooperage.

The opaque, deep purple-colored 2006 PharaohMoans captures the essence of Northern Rhone-style wines with irresistible aromas of black licorice, truffles, white pepper, smoked meats and olive tapenade. A seductive explosion of luscious damson plums, exotic spices, dark chocolate and ripe figs caresses the palate. It’s a wine of power and elegance.

Our 2006 Syrah was harvested in two stages, September 25 and October 3 at 25.5 and 27 brix levels, respectively, and at ideal Ph levels (3.64). It is our goal to manage the alcohol content so that it doesn’t overwhelm the fleshy nature of our grapes.

The name PharaohMoans pays tribute to the birthplace of wine - and plays with the term "pheromones", which of course is the hormonal influence behind a variety of sensory patterns (including consumption of very fine wines) among our kind.

Wine was discovered in Egypt nearly 6,000 years ago, around the time when Hieroglyphs were first used in 3500 BC. The Rosetta Stone was discovered in 1822 and unlocked the written secrets of culture of this ancient civilization. The Egyptian Pharaohs had a great zest for life and the finest things that it had to offer.

Pharaoh Moans reflects our desire to honor the birthplace of wine. The label is printed to reflect papyrus paper-like paper in the shape of the Rosetta Stone using Hieroglyphics to describe our wine and vintage.

We hope you will enjoy this world class rhone-style wine. Nunc Est Bibendum! ("Now we drink!")


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